National Unfriend Day is Around the Corner [VIDEO]
We are quickly approaching a landmark holiday. No, I'm not talking about Thanksgiving. The third annual National Unfriend Day is just around the corner. Jimmy Kimmel chose November 17th as the date. That would make it this upcoming Saturday. But what exactly is National Unfriend Day?
Election 2012 – Keep the Cameras Away
Months of political ads, party bashing and annoying social networking updates will soon be coming to an end as the 2012 Presidential Election is finally here. Some are so excited about this, they are photographing the inside of their voting booth and sharing it on social media.
Parents Embarrass Teen With Hilarious Facebook Pics
We love our parents; we really do. It's just that during those early years, they can seem like the most embarrassing people on the planet. It's tough enough growing up (kudos to you if you can read the word "puberty" without wincing) without lame-o parents humiliating you, but when it come…

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