Burger King

Burger King’s next conquest: Hot dog king
The Miami-based chain says it plans to put hot dogs on its menu nationally for the first time starting Feb. 23. It may seem like a jarring addition for those who know the chain for its Whoppers. But Burger King says its ability to flame-grill meat makes hot dogs a natural fit on its menu.
Burger King’s new “Black Whopper” has unintended effect
Burger King has a limited time offering, the “Halloween Whopper”, so called because the bun is baked with A-1 Sauce, turning the bun black. Now people are discovering that whatever coloring is used to make the bun black also changes the color of something else, turning it…
‘Burger King Baby’ Seeks Birth Mother
In 1986, a newborn wrapped in a red sweater was found abandoned in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant in Pennsylvania. Nearly three decades later, she's all grown up and looking for her biological mother -- and tens of thousands of people are trying to help.
Grandma Insulted On Fast Food Receipt
A grandmother and her daughter went to a Burger King in Richmond, VA for some dinner the other night. It's a place she's liked and was a frequent customer, but she now says she'll never go back. When handed her receipt she happened to notice a little something extra was added in the p…

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