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Cloudy and Mild: Alan’s Weather Blog
Once again, Newark Liberty Airport was the mildest yesterday, although there was nothing mild about.
It was 62 there, while everybody else was 57 to 59.
Today will be a bit milder.  In fact, despite mostly cloudy skies, a few highs could be near 70...
Clouds and Milder: Alan’s Weather Blog
Most high temperatures were in the upper 50s.
The exception was Mount Holly and Atlantic City, who both reached 61.
Other than that, the forecast worked out pretty well.
Today, we have just the chance of a brief, light shower, especially in South Jersey...
Cloudy and Windy: Alan’s Weather Blog
Once again, Newark Liberty Airport provided the outlier for high temperatures.
Everybody else was 53 or 54.  They managed to get to 57.
Today, they will probably do 57 or 58.  We'll have a sunny start, but by late morning and this afternoon especially, there will be a mix of sun and clo…
Sunshine and a Brisk Wind: Alan’s Weather Blog
Southern New Jersey had the most rain, by far.
Atlantic City had over a half-inch, but Newark and Trenton, for example, just barely had trace amounts with some spotty light rain.
High temperatures yesterday did not get past the 50s in most cases...
Cooling Down: Alan’s Weather Blog
High temperatures yesterday reached the low 60s to just over 70 in Atlantic City; 71 was the topper by three or four degrees.
It's going to be a while before we see temperatures that warm.
Today, we will have mostly cloudy skies with much cooler 50s for high temperatures...
Variable Clouds and Sun: Alan’s Weather Blog
It managed to get to 70 at Teterboro, 69 at Newark Liberty Airport, but everybody else was a bit cooler.
Today, with any luck, we'll have highs of 65 to 70 with variable clouds and some sun.  There's also just the chance of a brief, light shower or sprinkle in a few spots...
Sunny and Pleasant: Alan’s Weather Blog
The weekend forecast worked out reasonably well.
It was only in the low 60s yesterday with the exception of Newark-Liberty Airport's 65.
Temperatures during the overnight hours were in the 30s and 40s, so it was a chilly morning going off to work and school...
Sunny and Very Pleasant: Alan’s Weather Blog
High temperatures Thursday reached the low to mid 70s.
Newark managed to get to 75.  Everybody else was 72 or 73.
Today will be a bit cooler.  It will be mostly in the upper 60s with a mostly sunny sky and enough wind to notice, so just a little bit of an edge to that...
Partly to Mostly Cloudy: Alan’s Weather Blog
I thought we would make the low 70s yesterday, but we only made it to near 70 at the Atlantic City Airport and Wrightstown, Burlington County.
Everybody else was in the upper 60s or just a touch cooler near the beach and boardwalk.
Today will be partly to mostly cloudy...

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