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Meet Taylor Dayne
Last weekend, on "Saturday Night Jersey 80's, I heard Ray Rossi say:"Coming up next, Leslie Ann Wunderman...you know her as..." and I knew that was my cue...it was time to write her story!
Meet Kim Wilde [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
One of Kim Wilde's big hits in the "Big 80's" was a song with the chorus: "We Are The Kids In America."
I've always wondered...who is she kidding? Kim grew up in and around London!
When Sade burst onto the world music scene in the mid 1980's, her exotic looks, combined with the smooth sound of the music, made her a recording and fashion star! Sade became an "image" of the times...something she wasn't trying to do.
Meet the Cutting Crew [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
The Cutting Crew is an English rock group formed by Nick Van Eede in Sussex, England in 1985.
The band is best known for their debut song, which is one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits"...and that's coming up!

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