The Cutting Crew is an English rock group formed by Nick Van Eede in Sussex, England in 1985.

The band is best known for their debut song, which is one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits"...and that's coming up!

The boy who would become the leader of "Cutting Crew" was born Nicholas Eede in Cuckfield, England on June 14, 1958.

While still in his teens in the late 1970s, Nick Van Eede (as he is now known), recorded a handful of solo records.

Soon, he joined a band called the "Drivers," which had some hit record success in Canada. While touring Canada, the Drivers had a support band called "Fast Forward."

A guy named Kevin MacMichael was Fast Forward's guitarist. Van Eede was impressed.

The Drivers called it quits in 1983.

Van Eede asked MacMicahel to form a new band...which they did in 1985.

Their demos secured the duo a recording contract...then bassist Colin Farley and drummer Martin Beedle rounded out the new band, in 1986.

Cutting Crew's first album, "Broadcast," hit the record stores in 1986. It was released on the Virgin Records label.

"Broadcast" (Craig Allen photo)

Although Virgin Records was a recognized label in England, it was Cutting Crew's album that introduced the label to American record (and compact disc) buyers!

Much of the album was recorded in New York City...and the videos were shot in Australia!

"(I Just) Died In Your Arms," the debut single, shot to #1 in the U.S! (#1/1987). Additionally, this "power ballad" was Virgin Record's first #1 in America.

It also did well on other charts: #4 on the Rock chart, #24 on the Adult Contemporary chart, and the remix (!) went to #37 on the Club/Dance charts!

"(I Just) Died In Your Arms" also went to #1 in Canada and Norway.

It was a #4 hit in England, #2 in Sweden and #9 in Austria, among others!

Pretty good for an "unknown" band, right?

Van Eede wrote the song about a real relationship...with his girlfriend (the mother of his daughter). He wrote the basic lyrics one morning, in an hour. He wrote the music, and recorded "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" in 3 days!

"I've Been In Love Before" was the band's second single in England. It peaked at #31. It may also be about Van Eede's girlfriend...but he's not saying!!

"One For The Mockingbird" was the third single in England. It fared poorly.  It was the choice for a second single in the U.S., where it also did poorly...landing at #38 (1987).

So, Virgin gave "I've Been In Love Before," a chance in the U.S.....where it became Cutting Crew's second Top 10 record, landing at #9 (1987).  It also did better in England upon re-release, where it went to #24 on British hit charts.

Despite a less-than-enthusiastic review from "Rolling Stone," Cutting Crew was nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy in 1987. (Jody Watley would win).

Management disputes would now stall Cutting Crew's momentum.

"The Scattering" (Craig Allen photo)

"The Scattering" album was finally released in 1989.

The lead single, "(Between A) Rock And A Hard Place" couldn't crack the Top 40, stalling out at #77 (1989).

"Everything But My Pride" was not a Top-40 hit, but did well with the adult radio crowd, peaking at #4 on the Adult Contemporary Charts.

Appropriately named, "The Last Thing" went to #17 (1990) on the Adult Charts. It did not chart on the Hot 100....and is the band's last chart entry.

In 1991, Farley and Beedle left the band.

Cutting Crew's third album,"Compus Mentus," failed to chart in 1992...and there were no hit singles.

Cutting Crew disbanded in 1993.

Soon, Kevin MacMichael played on a Robert Plant album. He died of lung cancer in 2002, at the age of 51.

But wait...all is not quite lost...

Nick Van Eede formed a new band, "Grinning Souls" in 2003.

By 2006, "Grinning Souls" had become "Cutting Crew," with Eede being the only member from the original band.

For the next few years, (the new) Cutting Crew toured worldwide with other 80's bands including (Jersey's Favorites): ABC, Berlin, Wang Chung, Supertramp, and Level 42.

In 2008, Cutting Crew signed a new U.S. record deal.

A new album, "Add To Favourites" has been recorded, and should be released later this year!

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