You do, and I thank you!

While researching and writing, I sometimes wonder with whom my words will strike a chord. You never know til you hit "publish," and then look at the responses, over the next few hours and days.

Hi Craig - 

Thanks so much for not only writing about us on your blog - but getting our story right! We greatly appreciate the support. 

Thanks again for helping to keep our music alive and kickin'!


 Valerie and John 

Thank YOU, "Nu Shooz"! I am a long-time fan! Before I had a music show!

Great music from the 1980's! (Craig Allen photo)

I have been playing Valerie Day and John Smith's music on every contemporary hit-based music station I have had the pleasure to work for since the early 1990's.

Both in a Top-40 context, and now under the banner of "oldies" or "Classic Hits."

Back in the day...playing Nu Shooz in 1996 at Star 104.5 in Philly (Craig Allen archives).

"I Can't Wait"  (#3/1986) was a HUGE request record on "Saturday Night 80's," which I hosted on "Star 104.5 in Philadelphia, for a few years in the late 90's!

Matt Ryan spins it on New Jersey 101.5 and here at, on "Saturday Night Jersey 80's"! Call him on Saturday night at 7:00, and ask for it!

And, don't forget "Point Of No Return" (#28/1986).

Nu Shooz is very the studio...and on the tour circuit.

Reach out to Valerie and John on facebook, by clicking here!

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And, if you missed my Nu Shooz blog (or want to read their story's a GOOD one...PLEASE click here).

So, who reads my music blogs on Saturdays...and my articles on about whatever subject grabs my "fancy" on Sunday nights?

The POWER of is...amazing!

Thanks for the music, and the kind words, Nu Shooz!

Here's MORE "Jersey Love"!