Last weekend, on "Saturday Night Jersey 80's, I heard Ray Rossi say:"Coming up next, Leslie Ann know her as..." and I knew that was my was time to write her story!

Leslie was born in Baldwin, New York on March 7, 1962.

Leslie started singing professionally after graduating from college. She could be heard singing in small, local bands...then, she released two songs under the name "Les Lee." Both were dance records...and you can clearly hear "Taylor Dayne" waiting to burst out!

"I'm The One You Want" in 1985...

...and "Tell Me Can You Love Me," the next year.

Quickly, "Taylor Dayne" was signed to Arista Records.

"Tell It To My Heart" was her breakthrough song, landing at #7 on the Hot 100 charts in early 1988.

"Tell It To My Heart" landed in the top 10 in most countries worldwide, including #1 in Germany!

And a string of hits would just keep coming through the early 1990s...overall Taylor Dayne scored 18 top-10 hits on the Billboard charts, thru 2011!

Here we go!

"Prove Your Love," (#7/1988).

"I'll Always Love You" (#3/1988).

"Don't Rush Me," stalled at #2 for 2 weeks in early 1989.

"Can't Fight Fate," 1989 (Craig Allen photo).

"With Every Beat Of My Heart," kept the Top-10 string alive (#5/1989).

Taylor Dayne finally hit #1 with "Love Will Lead You Back," as we entered the new decade...1990. That's #1 on the Hot Hits (top-40) Chart, and #1 on the Adult Contemporary Chart...

Radio Promo CD, 1990 (Craig Allen photo).

"I'll Be Your Shelter" peaked at #4 in 1990.

Radio Promo CD, 1990 (Craig Allen photo).

"Heart Of Stone" (one of my personal faves), broke the streak, "only" reaching #12 on the charts in the fall of 1990.

"Soul Dancing," 1993 (Craig Allen photo).

Also of note, Taylor Dayne's 1993 remake of the Barry White classic "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love."

As an actress, Taylor Dayne played the part of the singer "Carla Day" on the 1997 science-fiction TV series "Nightman."  Taylor appeared on Broadway in 2001, in Elton John's show "Aida." She has accepted roles in several indie movies over the years. Taylor Dayne also had a recurring role on the "Showtime" series "Rude Awakenings." She had a reality show on VH-1, "Remaking," about returning to music after taking time off to raise a family. She appeared on "Celebrity Duets" in 2006.

In late 2007, Dayne released the single "Satisfied," which shot to #1 on the Dance Charts!

2011 brought the single "Fire On The Floor," a top-10 hit on the Dance Charts! She followed up with a tour of the U.S. and Australia...

In January 2012, Taylor was featured in "Celebrity Cook-off" on Food Network...and her team won... In August, she took home the "Legends of Pop/Dance" award, at a ceremony in Atlantic City!

On October 18, 2012, Taylor Dayne was officially inducted into the "Long Island Musicians Hall Of Fame." She's in good company...including Billy Joel, Pat Benatar, Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats, Lou Reed, and Blue Oyster Cult.

What's next?

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Leslie Wunderman...rather, Taylor are a "wunder!"

Real original, huh?!