2014 Super Bowl

‘Jersey Boys’ Would be the Perfect Halftime Show
We have heard all kinds of ideas for the Super Bowl halftime show. From Bon Jovi, whom the Examiner says was already asked by  the NFL and has not responded, which if that happened would shock me, to Billy Joel,  to even a mixed bag of Jersey artists that would include Bruce Springsteen an…
The NFL May Not be Tax Exempt for Much Longer
It may be the biggest non-profit in the country and its big event comes to New Jersey next February. We’re not talking about UNICEF, The World Food Program, or even the American Cancer Society, we’re talking about the National Football League!!!!
NJ Super Bowl Lacks the NFL Experience
When the Super Bowl comes to New Jersey’s Met Life stadium next February, one thing that will not be in tow is the “NFL Experience” which is pro footballs interactive theme park offering participatory games, displays, entertainment attractions, kids footba…
Super Bowl XLVIII: Another Power Outage?
The crowd remained relatively calm in New Orleans this past weekend when half of the stadium went dark during the Super Bowl. It would be safe to assume the National Football League will not receive the same response from New Jersey/New York fans if the same outage were to occur during next year's g…

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