With New York hotels already filling up for the upcoming Super Bowl, Monmouth County is hoping people will take advantage of their ample hotels and restaurants that are ready for business.

Dave Polaski, Townsquare Media

Shore tourism advocates and legislators are pushing for the county to be a destination for some of the 300,000 Super Bowl visitors, and hopefully receive part of the $550 million in projected revenue the game will bring.

At a press conference at the Breaker Hotel in Spring Lake Monday, Assemblyman David Rible said the county's ample hotels, great restaurants, and fair pricing will be enticing to people priced out or unable to find accommodation in New York or North Jersey.

"Most people feel when they go to a Super Bowl they, get priced gouged. We're going to focus on people not getting price gouged, having a great, stay at the Jersey Shore, and really remembering Monmouth County more than they did the Super Bowl."

With congestion in and around Manhattan expected to be severe as hundreds of thousands make their way to MetLife Stadium and surrounding events, Adam Puharic, President of the Southern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce, said in most cases you can get to the stadium quicker from Monmouth County than anything else.

"From a commute perspective, utilizing services like SeaStreak Ferry, utilizing the trains, the reality is for most people even where I stand in Spring Lake, you're talking about an hour and ten minutes to get to MetLife. That is comparable in terms of time you will take just traveling from a Manhattan hotel."

Puharic emphasized the affordability that Monmouth County will have over New York and North Jersey.

"Manhattan will be racking up the prices, filing up early, getting those hotels booked. Getting those prices up accordingly, but we here at Monmouth County and the shore, because we are a destination site in the summer, we will have the capacity to really help out and stabilize the demand and through market forces keep those competitive."

Former New York Jet Joe Klecko and New York Giant Lee Rouson also attended the event and spoke of the potential Monmouth County has for the Super Bowl.