While it was not a passing of the torch, it soon will be. Newly named Letterman replacement Stephen Colbert was a guest on “The Late Show with David Letterman”last night. 

Screengrab YouTube Late Show with David Letterman



Colbert who will take over from the Letterman when he retires sometime next year, took a selfie with Dave, read a Top Ten list which he submitted for a job back in 1997 and asked Letterman “When are  you leaving?” in response to Dave’s question on what Colbert will be doing when his current show runs out. You can view part of the interview and Colbert's reading of the Top 10 List below.

Colbert Reads the Top 10 List


Personally I wasn’t sure how Colbert would do replacing Letterman when the announcement was made, but the more I see him as himself, the more I like him. How do you think Stephen Colbert will do replacing David Letterman?

Who did you think should have gotten the job?