Sunday's edition of the Star-Ledger throws a spotlight on the family life of 18-year-old Rachel Canning, whose lawsuit against her parents has made international headlines and drawn intense interest and conversation on social media.

(L-R) Rachel Canning, John Inglesino, Rachel's attorney, Sean & Elizabeth Canning, attorney, Elizabeth Canning, Sean Canning (CBS New York)

The paper's long and detailed story on Rachel and her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning, has a neighbor describing them as  "a wonderful family" outwardly but delves much deeper to produce a more complicate portrait.

A key passage states: "In a house convulsed by conflict, 18-year-old Rachel Canning did more than test teenage boundaries, court papers show. She charged across them, ultimately running away from home and, with encouragement from her friend’s father, making the life-changing decision to file suit against her parents for financial support."

One New Jersey lawyer, who has followed the case from a distance, told the paper the controversial case "has no place in the public sector. It belongs in a family counselor’s office."

Judge Peter Bogaard has scheduled a hearing next month to determine whether the Cannings will be required to pay Rachel's college tuition. However, her immediate request that the court force her parents pay her $650 in weekly child support, as well as her high school tuition, was rejected. Meanwhile, she has moved in with her best friend, whose family is reportedly paying for her legal fees.