How often have you blown off your parents’ advice when you were young – only to find out later on that they’d been right all along?
My mother, father, and grandmother all had a treasure trove of sayings they’d often use to either chastise us, or guide us in the right direction.

For instance, when I didn’t want to eat the “cucuzza” my mother made us for dinner, she’d say: “….you’re gonna marry a Jewish girl and she’ll be making you gefilte fish every night.”

True my wife is Jewish, and true she makes fish – just not gefilte – so my mother was right on one account.

Similar advice was given by my paternal grandmother. She had tons of sayings in Neapolitan that ring true. One of my favorites is “nessun te dice lava’ a faccia che to pare piu bell’ emme”, or in English, “nobody tells you to wash your face so that you’ll look better than them!”

You can figure that one out for yourself. That one is especially true in my case.

So it should come as no surprise that the parents of Rachel Canning, the teenager from Lincoln Park who sought to be emancipated from her parents because she wouldn’t listen to them over her choice of boyfriend, turned out to be right after all.

The boy, or should we say, man she was seeing, 18 year old Lucas Kitzmiller, of Mine Hill Township, is being accused of choking the girl during a quarrel this past Sunday morning during a quarrel, after which she’d gotten away and drove directly to Denville Police Headquarters to file a domestic violence complaint and a temporary restraining order was issued by a municipal court judge based upon her allegations.

"She has repaired her relationship with us," Sean Canning said. "She went off the deep end in the past but things are good now. We said to her 'Listen, you're an adult. You make your own choices."

Apparently she still has mommy and daddy to lean on.

So while they say she’s an adult, she’s more like an adult child.

My mother had a different view. She used to quote her own mother whenever we screwed up: “you made your bed, now lay in it!”