The attorney for Sean and Elizabeth Canning, whose daughter moved back home Tuesday night after suing them for financial support, urged the media and public to give the family some privacy, and expressed hope that similar cases don't arise.

Angelo Sarlo, attorney for Sean and Elizabeth Canning at a press conference (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ)

During a Wednesday afternoon press conference, attorney Angelo Sarno indicated the Canning dispute "got out of hand" and "blossomed into something nobody expected."

"This kid's going to be affected long-term from the attention," Sarno suggested. "My client's can't go anywhere; they're going to be known for a long time as a result of what's transpired."

The Cannings' 18-year-old daughter Rachel was denied in court last week of immediate funds from her parents for child support and her remaining high school tuition. However, a court date was scheduled for late next month to determine whether the Cannings must support their daughter financially, including the cost of college.

Sarno would not comment on the litigation, but said the lawsuit is pending and could take some time to unfold.

"This is a case that should've never been," he said. "Hopefully it never happens again. Hopefully nobody gets a bright idea and tries to do round two of this."

An earlier statement from Sarno's firm noted Rachel's return to her Lincoln Park home was "not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations."

Rachel Canning in court (CBS New York)

Tanya N. Helfand, Rachel's attorney, wrote in a court filing that Rachel can only dismiss the matter if it's done of her own free will and not due to the pressure of her parents and the media. A judge denied a request from Helfand to have her parents pay for a court-appointed guardian.

The plaintiff left her parents' house two days before her 18th birthday and lived with the family of her best friend. She cited abuse and immense pressure from her parents, who claimed their daughter was not being respectful before she chose to leave.