I say no,  but not all agree.  Take a look at this story by Joe Cutter,  in which the head of the Automotive Association questions whether or not there’s a link between lack of safety inspections and a spike in fatalities.  He says mechanics around the state are noticing cars being brought in late in the game, long after serious problems became serious.  Fair point, but don’t we in turn have to question whether this is a self-serving observation?  Resumption of safety inspections surely translates to more money for mechanics regardless of whether the repairs are dire.  I still maintain that, generally speaking, people don’t want to risk their lives more than their money and can be trusted to address serious concerns on their vehicles.  I’ve lived in states where there are no inspections of vehicles whatsoever and it works just fine.  Another problem with safety inspections is how often the abusive system failed cars for things that really had little to do with safety.  A few droplets of moisture inside a headlamp?  FAIL.  The tiniest chip in a windshield which left alone will be just fine for years to come?  FAIL.  We’ve all been through it.  Do you really want those days back again?