Its is out...and people (of all ages) are taking to Jersey roads...on their bicycles!

I was biking when I stopped to snap the picture of this bike sign! (Craig Allen photo)

Its great exercise...and a good way to slow down, and take notice of the world around you!

Sharing the road, using a bike lane. (Craig Allen photo)

Some roads have bike lanes...many do not.

Riders "in the thick of it" in Princeton. (Craig Allen photo)

Drivers...please be on the lookout for bike riders, and "steer clear," giving them the room they need!

Some riders take their bikes "on the road," literally. (Craig Allen photo)

After all, you are not only keeping yourself safe as a driver, you may be protecting ME!

I "biked" to a recent New Jersey 101.5 appearance... (Shannon Davis photo)

Thanks, in advance!

QUICK! What is this rider forgetting? (Craig Allen photo)

And bike riders:

Its for your SAFETY. Always wear it. (Craig Allen photo)