As you may know by now, the Mayor of Brick, John Ducey has just announced the end of the red light camera program in Brick. According to Townsquare News, the cameras go south (will be turned off) February 18th.
About time some elected official comes to his senses and realizes the program is nothing more than a revenue generator.

With that in mind, where were the worst red light camera intersections, and how much have they cost you?

Judge dismisses indictment against Piscataway teacher charged with having sexual relations with student….should the indictment have been thrown out?

Do You Ever Tip Anyone Like Deliverymen, Mailmen, or Garbage Men? And Do You Feel it was Right for A New York City Garbage Man to Get Forced Out for Taking a $20 Tip?

Rutgers Offers a Course on Beyonce – See Any Value in That? Which artist would you like to attend a course on – if any?

Ever gotten flack for dating or marrying outside of your own. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's son sparks uproar by dating non-Jewish Norwegian!

Ever Deliver a Baby in an Unusual Place? – One Baby Was Born Outside on a sled!

And at 2, the Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle for tickets to the Sarcasm Comedy Club at Tavern on the Lake in Hightstown.

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