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What questions would you like Chris Christie to answer when he comes in on Wednesday? A new poll says he’s no longer the 'hero' of Sandy recovery.

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Does your car or truck have more than 200,000 miles on it? There’s a list of 12 vehicles that are most likely to last for 200,000 miles.

Found anything disgusting in your food? One Family says rat found in birthday cake.

Food Service Horror Stories – Have You Ever Seen Anyone’s Food Get “Douched?” One Pizza Hut Manager Urinating in Kitchen Sink is Fired [POLL/GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Newark Archbishop's Retirement Home Undergoes a $500K Addition – Do You Still Give to the Church? [POLL]

Do you feel the minimum wage should be raised federally to 10.10?

Red Light Cameras Stop Rolling in Brick – Which ones have you gotten bagged at?

A male Piscataway teacher was charged with having sexual relations with his 18 year old female student and the judge in the case threw out the indictment – Was he right in doing so?

Meadowlands Casino vs. Atlantic City – Which Would You Prefer? [POLL]

Do you think it’s a good idea to have a “Don’t Let Me Gamble” Law Stopping You from Betting even if you’re not a problem gambler?

Clinton Township mom turns in her son for smoking marijuana – would you ever turn your kids in to the cops?

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