How much would you pay to name a baby? That’s what a Jewish family is wondering as they have put their baby's naming rights up for grab on Central Jersey Craigslist and they’ve started the bidding at $20,000.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

No personal information was give in the ad which reads "This is an excellent opportunity for someone who did not have children, or someone looking to honor a relative, or even to honor someone who was killed in the Holocaust,"

The man who posted it reached out to Jewish news service to verify that it was a real offer. He identified himself as a school teacher in Lakewood, and sent the site a picture of a hospital band dated Jan. 22, 2014, according to the report. They’re only looking for biblical names so you couldn’t use the child for advertising.

The winning bidder will be invited to the girl's bat mitzvah, graduation, wedding and other major life ceremonies,"Whoever would do this, we would consider them like family," the father told JTA. The family said they received four bids before the ad was removed, but since it was taken down there is no longer a public contact email for the unidentified father

If you could name a child, what would you name it. How did you get your name?