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Rutgers Football Coach Dave Cohen Accused of Bullying an Athlete – Is Bullying a Problem in Sports? [POLL]

Bridgewater Waitress Stiffed by Anti Gay Customer – If you were she, what would you have done? [POLL]

Zombie Course at Monmouth U. – Waste of Time Perhaps? [POLL]

Reveille Too Loud for Some Earle Neighbors – Do They Have a Legitimate Gripe? [POLL]

Former Police Officer Turned Preacher Arrested for Preaching about Religion at Monmouth Mall – Do you accommodate or brush off evangelists? [POLL]

Organ Donation Request Delays Child Killer’s Execution – Should Death Row Inmate Be Allowed to Donate Organs? [POLL]

Movember is mustache and beard month. Are you a fan of the beard or mustache and if you’re a woman, what do you think of dudes with them?

Bill to require bear-proof garbage cans has advanced through a Senate committee. You could be fined up to $1000 if you don’t have a bear proof container. Your thoughts.

A woman blogger in South Dakota wrote a blog entitled: 'My kids aren't the center of my world' saying that kids are too coddled today. Do you feel kids are too coddled and taught not to stand up for themselves?

Just two years ago a 25-year-old woman's fast food lifestyle was killing her. So she tried something different and now claims eating ten bananas a day saved her life. Have you ever tried a fad diet and how did it work for you?

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