Legislation will be considered by a State Senate Committee this week that calls for bear-resistant garbage containers, cans and dumpster to be required for all Garden State residents who live near wooded areas where bears have been spotted.

Henry King, Getty Images

"One of the problems with bears coming into communities and becoming a danger is created by the humans themselves," said the sponsor of the measure, State Senator Ray Lesniak.

Lesniak said many people unknowingly encourage bears to come into their communities, and even their homes by not having secure disposal facilities for their garbage.

"Unless they smell food, these bears are not under any other circumstances dangerous," he explained. "They have no interest in coming into somebody's home."

Lesniak stressed his measure would not only increase public safety, but also to keep the bears from unnecessary slaughter during these bear hunts.

"Keeping food away from bears will protect them from being shot and killed, they're creatures of God just as anyone else is," Lesniak said.

He also said you don't want to tangle with a bear.

"They love their natural habitat, unless they're lured by keeping garbage out in the open," Lesniak said.

The legislation is scheduled to be considered by the State Senate Economic Growth Committee on Thursday.