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1) Your first cigarette – At what age did you start to smoke, and what brand? Do you approve of Senator Richard Codey’s proposal to raise the age at which you can buy cigarettes to 21?

2) Anti - Bullying Bill of Rights – Does It Need an Overhaul or Done Away With? [POLL]

3) Social Media Education Could Become Mandatory – Good Idea or Bad [POLL/AUDIO]

4) Visiting the Shore This Year - Do You Feel an Obligation to Spend More Money There Because of Hurricane Sandy? [POLL]

5) Would you take your kids to a circus that featured animal acts?
Cole Brothers Circus will be coming back to town and PETA just released a video showing how the circus abuses their animals!

6) Do you feel it’s time for same sex marriage in New Jersey? And who’s holding it up….the Governor for vetoing same sex marriage, or the legislature for not allowing it to be put on the ballot?

7) Burger King creates boneless sandwich to compete with the McRib. Who makes Jersey’s best sandwich?

8) What was it that made you get off your ass and lose weight? At an event in Princeton, Governor Christie opens up about his struggle with weight

9) Flatulence Can Be Deadly. Woman stabs boyfriend after he farts in her face during argument.

10) Your worst memories of being disciplined by a teacher. One teacher forced a 5 year old student to wear a diaper for 'acting like a baby'!

11) Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle for Sarcasm tickets!

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