After announcing his recent lap surgery, Governor Christie’s been making it a point to tell people that he’s no longer talking about his weight loss battle. Although by making that point, he in fact talking about his weight loss battle, and I say that’s a good thing.

Governor's Office, Tim Larsen

Governor Christie’s battle is one that almost every American fights whether they need to or not. It makes him an everyman. He can bond with New Jersey in a way that no other politician (or future candidate?) can. Although if I were him, I wouldn’t be talking about the doctor who performed it.

It’s not like the Governor hasn’t talked about his weight before, (see David Letterman show) so why not now, when he can be an inspiration to so many? Why not, when so many people, across party lines, will tune in to see and hear how’s he’s doing. If they want to hear the answer to the obvious question after the press conference, they will have to whatever message he’s conveying in the meantime. It could be during this time, that he could win over more votes.


Governor Christie has an incredible hook to being people in with his weight loss battle. I think he should use it, not just for his own good, but the good of his party. What do you think?