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Your Favorite VMA Moment - Miley Cyrus Does Billy Ray One Better

If You’re a Single Guy, How Often Do You Wash Your Sheets? – Study Says They Wash Their Sheets 4 Times a Year [POLL]

Should a Kid Who Wins Too Much in a Competition be Lifted to Make it Fair?

Speed Traps – Do You Flash Your High Beams to Warn Other Drivers? [POLL]

You Be the Judge – Is This Harassment – A 7th Grade Boy Attempts to Get Sex from One of His Female Classmates – And a Judge Says No!

Are parents dopey or wise to let their kids have cellphones at an early age?

Should the Minimum Wage be Raised to 8.25 With Yearly Adjustments Tied to the Cost of Living?

Saggy Pants Bans – How Do You Feel About Them? Can You Profile Kids With Saggy Pants?

Egg Harbor Township Mayor Priced Out of His Home by Taxes – How High is Your Tax Bill and Is It Worth Stay?

Your Thoughts on the Beating Death of the 88 Year Old WW II Vet.

Brushes with wildlife - Police issue warning after coyotes spotted in Milltown

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