Truth be told, I was in a holding pattern last night, between “The Housewives” and “The Newsroom” when I watched what I could of the MTV VMA Awards.

For me, it was only an hour that I spent watching the show, so I’m sure there had to be some stuff I may have missed in the hour or so while I was watching HBO.

But in those first few minutes, I wasn’t disappointed.

As much as I never “got” Lady Gaga, I thought she was phenomenal. Especially when she came out in the bikini. Who could argue with that?

And the set with Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers was a nice touch; getting the show out of the EDM and Hip Hop mode for a while.

But then there were those moments when I had to say “wtf?”

Kanye West’s wacky silhouette that had to be heavily edited toward the end of the song because of God-knows how many expletives he dropped.

And the “Cherry on the Banana Split” performance of the hour: Miley Cyrus “playing the cello” with the big foam finger; along with other moments in her over 6 minutes performance that was like watching a 50 car pileup on Route 80.

I’d go so far as to say the “apple falls not far from the tree” when it comes to embarrassing moments.

Witness one of the finer moments in the history of country music when MIley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus debuted with this gem in the early 90s

The mullet screams 1991.

But then again, it was 1991; and he didn’t come out on state looking like an anorexic “Barbarella!”