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1) Are 26 Weeks of Unemployment Benefits Enough? [POLL]

2) How old do you feel kids should be before you get them a smartphones or a tablet?

3) Lisa’s Law Supporters Push to Require Repeat Domestic Violence Offenders to Wear Electronic Monitoring Devices – Do You Support It? [POLL]

4) Ray’s Ray of Hope – NJ Businessman Andrew Piera Donates to Allow Blind Man Saved by his Guide Dog to Keep it

5) Do you feel vending machines need to show calorie counts of products they sell?

6) Do You Feel Circumcision is medically necessary? A Rabbi Is Getting Sued for Allegedly Severing a Newborn's Penis.

7) What language other than English do you speak? A report says that nearly 4 in 10 Morris residents don't speak English 'very well!'

8) Do you bring your car to the dealer for repairs – have your own mechanic – or do the work yourself? There’s a bill that would set a standard for all auto repair facilities.

9) Your New Years Traditions - South Jersey Joins the Mummer’s Tradition – Among Others

10) Do you still buy albums or just selected cuts from an album? New Bruce Springsteen Album Arrives Early - woo to the too!

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