It used to be an uncommon occurrence to see a child talking on a cell phone, but today, many parents are giving their children smartphones

SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There are pros and cons to a child having a smartphone or tablet. A parent who is unable to pick their child up from school, or relies on other people to care for their child may want to invest in a phone for their child to contact them throughout the day. Some might believe that owning a phone at a young age teaches responsibilty. Other parents like the educational games that tablets offer.

On the other hand, some can argue that children owning a phone or a tablet is a bad idea. When you give a child access to the internet at their fingertips, you are opening them up to an entire world of possibilities - which can very well be a recipe for disaster. Some argue that kids have no use for these objects.

Many parents bring up the point that smartphones and tablets are discouraging children and young adults from communicating face-to-face, and this is changing social behavior.

Do you think kids should be given smartphones and tablets? Do you allow your child to own these objects?