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Here’s some of what’s in store tonight:

1) Are you for or against Obamacare…..survey shows the state is split.

2) Judge says state must allow gays to marry…Governor says: 'Let the people decide'. How would you vote?

3) Hobby Lobby, Barilla Pasta, and Chic fil-A – Should Values Trump Marketing? [POLL] - Do a company's values or beliefs affect your purchases? Why or why not?

4) 'Breaking Bad' Duels With 'Homeland' Last Night – Your Favorite Cable TV Show? [POLL/SPOILER ALERT]

5) Do you feel the Governor is a bully? Chris Christie says 'I am not a bully' in a TV interview.

6) Giants’ Prince Amukamara Vows to Remain a Virgin Till He Marries – Did you stay a virgin till you got married? Better to have sex before marriage than wait?

7) In view of what happened in Nairobi, do you feel malls here in Jersey are secure enough?

8) A sports banner declaring 'One nation under God' was taken down after Madison residents complain. Do you have a problem with the phrase?

9) A family is suing the Atlantic City Police over their son's beating – Ever had to deal with an “out of control” cop?

10) 85-year-old man sues state for driver's license – Should senior citizens be retested every few years? Do you have an elderly parent who doesn’t want to give up their independence?

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