The phrase “One Nation Under God” is coming under fire again. This time because fans of the Madison high school football team are using it on a banner.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

I’m having a problem understanding what the problem is here. They say part of the problem is that some residents are having a problem connecting God to a sports team.

If Jesus hung out with the lepers, why can’t God watch over a sports team? If we truly are one nation under God, and the school is located within this nation, isn’t it already happening then? What messages are they sending these kids about God if they are always trying to take his name out of things? How long before using God's name falls under the new trash-talking rules for school sports?

Personally, I never pray for my Giants to win because I’m imagining somewhere that there’s a fan of the other team asking him for the same thing and I don’t want to put God in a bad spot. But if those fans in “Dodger Nation” believe they are under God, who are we to tell them they can’t tell anyone? Isn’t spreading God’s word part of the deal when you believe in him? Maybe if the team starts losing, they’ll include it again.

Maybe God should give them a sign to let him know how he feels? Then again, the residents would probably make him make take it down.

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