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Rebecca Sedwick Suicide - Should the Parents of the Accused Teen Be Charged As Well? [POLL] – Have you ever confronted the parents of a kid bullying your kid?

This morning, Governor Christie withdrew his appeal of the Superior Court gay marriage ruling – Your reaction – if any?

Male Jets Fan Slugs Female Patriots Fan At Metlife Stadium After Game – Douchey Move or Self Defense? [POLL/DISTURBING VIDEO] Have you ever been involved in a brawl with anyone over a sporting event?

Should a guy who worked at a gas station and halted a robbery with a handgun have been fired from his job? If you were this guy’s employer, would you have fired him?

Macy’s to Open Thanksgiving - Do the holidays mean anything to you anymore? [POLL]

Do you go “all out” with Halloween displays and does it pay?

The creator of the cartoon series “The Archies” “He Man” and “Fat Albert” passed away – What was your favorite cartoon series growing up?

Clint Eastwood Visits Kearny - Your Brushes with Celebrities – Personable or Pinheads? [POLL]

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