You can’t help but get in the spirit of Halloween what with the weather turning cooler and the sight of families picking pumpkins.

And I love it when families go all out and decorate their homes with lights, spider webs, statues of Frankenstein, and figures hanging from trees (which in the recent past have been known to cause a ruckus because they evoke scenes of lynchings!)

But one family may have gone a bit too far – or perhaps were imaginative enough to create a scene that would evoke terror in the neighborhood.

In Mustang, Oklahoma, a Halloween prank is putting neighbors in a panic.

Johnnie Mullins decided to get "gruesome" this Halloween. His yard features gravesites and ghosts up in a tree, but the real shocker is the fake dead body in the driveway.

"Just trying to scare people, that's what I like to do," says Mullins.

The dead body is placed in such a way that it looks like the garage door crushed its head.

"My heart about came out of my chest. I thought ‘Oh my God,'" says Rebecca Fuentes, who hopes Mullins gets rid of the body. "If I think it's real, just think of what a child would think?"

"The kids that live in the neighborhood don't freak out or anything. I'm sure they do at first," says Mullins.

The fake body even prompted a 911 call. Police and firefighters responded.

Mullins was told he wasn't breaking any laws and will continue to keep the phony body in place. In fact, he is adding another body that appears to have been run over by a truck.

"It's Halloween. I don't think it's too far," says Mullins.

He’s right: isn’t that what the holiday is all about? Scaring the crap out of you.
Kudos to Mr. Mullins for recognizing what others may have forgotten about the holiday – it’s all in good fun! And if it ain't fun, then what's the use?