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1) How much college debt are you carrying? And can you afford college at all? Federal student loan rates double to 6.8 percent beginning today.

2) Jane The Virgin Coming to the CW – What’s your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

3) Would you allow schools to randomly test your children for drugs? A plan to randomly test Northern Valley Regional H.S. students for drugs has up in arms!

4) Fourth of July Fireworks – Will you be shooting off your own? And do you know anybody who’s gotten injured from doing so?

5) How would you protect yourself from a home invasion like the one in Millburn? Should this guy have even been out of jail?

6) How many drugs a day are you on, and do you feel there’s a conspiracy between doctors and big Pharma to keep you on prescription medicine?
According to a study, 7 out of 10 Americans are taking at least one a day!

7) Your brushes with nudity and lewdness – A Naked Woman Was Caught Roaming the Woodbridge Mall recently, and there was also a streakier who disrupted the Warren Hills Regional High School graduation.

8) How wacked out is the music mix on your iPod? The Governor’s summer mix, according to Spodify features Springsteen, Sinatra and Black Eyed Peas

9) Posse Positive Person of the Day – Target Shopper Michelle McHugh Returns Military “Daddy Doll” to 16 Month Old

10) What was your favorite school lunch? According to the USDA, candy bars, sugary sports drinks and fried mozzarella sticks will disappear from schools next year.

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