4-time Steelers Super Bowl champion Rocky Bleier discusses playing football after coming back from Vietnam, and his thoughts on New Jersey hosting the Super Bowl.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Rocky Bleier started out as a rookie for the Steelers, and then was drafted to Vietnam after his first season. After he was injured overseas, he was told that he would never be able to play football ever again. Bleier shared his experience of receiving a postcard from the owner that asked him to come back to the team. He stated that it was easy to lose hope because of his injuries, and that: "Along the way you need that little sense of hope that somebody cares about you specifically." He then responded that this postcard was the sense of hope that he needed, and he eventually got back into the game.

Bleier also discussed a Wounded Warrior Amputee Flag Football game happening tonight in Essex County. Former NFL players will be playing against soldiers with prosthetic limbs. Bleier called it a "fun game and an amazing thing for a great cause." He then went on to say that none of it would be possible with Humana.

Bleier went on to say that he is happy to be associated with Humana, because of all that they do to employ Veterans.

When asked how important it is for New Jersey to host a Super Bowl, Bleier responded "You have to be proud of the fact that it was selected to be here. I think it will be a classic game."

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