Whenever I plan out a show...like tonight's, my grandmother's words come back to haunt me.

She'd say in her inimitable Neapolitan: Ray...sent' ah mme! Sta vennend' o' fin' do' mun'! .

Or for you uninitiated types: "Ray, the world is coming to an end!"

Harold Camping is right...he just had the dates confused!

So with that in mind, here's tonight's roundup:

Leadoff spot…Anti Semite Douche again!

1) Do you think the 19-year-old alleged douche who was arrested in the Rutherford temple firebombing and Paramus arson should get a change of venue because of the publicity given the case. BTW, his dad says he’s “confused”!

Driver Dilemma:

2) The DOT is considering making changes to the Route 1 jughandle at Washington Road, making an already bad intersection even worse! Which are the worst jug handles in the state? ( I would have said “jugs” but didn’t want to go there!)

Ethical question:

3) While we debate over whether or not the gay marriage issue should be put on the ballot in November or voted on by the legislature, a New Hampshire legislator is proposing a bill there to let businesses deny service to anyone they see fit!

Animal Stories:

3) Firefighters in Irvington save a dog from a house fire and resuscitate it. Would you do the same for a family pet?

4) Manalapan cat colony gets a reprieve. Do you think the feral cats should be trapped, neutered, and released; as some seem to think; or rounded up by the township to eventually be euthanized?

Posse Potpourri:

5) It’s gotten to the point that there are now Pregame Shows for the Superbowl commercials…..what would you consider among the best and most memorable Superbowl commercials of all time.

6) Giants Fever is here…..who’s jersey are you trying to buy, and who’s your favorite Giant?

7) Whitney Houston, according to one website, is broke.

In her case, I'm often reminded of that great line from "A Bronx Tale" about the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

Her spokesperson says it’s not true.

Is there any celebrity on the “balls of their ass” you’d like to see make a comeback?. After all, everyone likes a good comeback story!

8) Ridgefield is the first ‘bully-free’ town in N.J….do you think we really need a “bully free” ordinance for an entire town?

9) Some school districts are giving classes in Mandarin Chinese to give their students a leg up to compete in the global economy…even going so far as to teach them Chinese culture! Good thing….or bad?

You deliberate.....the chiachiaone fest begins at 11!