Manalapan NJ

The Nor’easter Cometh to Manalapan – Placid or Putrid?
Ah how lovely, the first snows of the season. Makes you want to break out the marshmallows and hot chocolate and snuggle up by a warm fireplace.
Screech! Ahshpett!**
Get the hell out of here!
Makes we want to take my friend Freddie Colon who lives out in Phoenix up on his offer and stay with him a wh…
Manalapan/Englishtown – Memorial Day 2012
Just thought I'd share some images of today's parade down Main St with you.
Humbling to see the number of vets, their families, and most of all the neighbors who come out to show their appreciation for all they've done!
The day would not have been complete without it...
Ray Rossi Jersey Guy Late Show for Tonight
Whenever I plan out a tonight's, my grandmother's words come back to haunt me.
She'd say in her inimitable Neapolitan: Ray...sent' ah mme! Sta vennend' o' fin' do' mun'! .
Or for you uninitiated types: "Ray, the world is coming to an…