What makes your town so great? A new list was released recently on Niche.com that ranks the 100 best towns to live in throughout America. Only three New Jersey towns made it into the top 100, which I find despicable.

The three towns listed are Ocean City (number 99), Jefferson (number 89) and Lebanon (number 51). And that's it. I can think of at least ten more New Jersey towns from all different parts of the state that are worthy of being on that list.

Niche.com made a New Jersey specific list as well. The three towns mentioned above are the top three on this list as well. Check out 4 through 10:
4. Newton
5. Hammonton
6. Vernon
7. Hardyston
8. Holland
9. Franklin
10. New Brunswick

Again, I can think of WAYYYYYY more towns worthy of being on this list, like the town I live in now for example, Freehold.

Let's get more New Jersey towns recognized for how awesome they are. Do you think your town is worthy of being on a list like this? If so, why do you think it should be included? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

You can check out the full Niche.com lists by clicking here.