While doing the radio show, I'm SURROUNDED by TV screens!

MORE big screens! (Amy Wright photo).

BIG and small flat screens are...everywhere!

Look...I'm on NJ101.5 TV! (Craig Allen photo).

Camera monitor screens...computer screens...live TV screens.

But...there is ONE screen that you will NEVER see in our on-air studio/control room!

It WAS the ultimate Portable TV! (Craig Allen photo).


Because, the "Sony Watchman" is OBSOLETE!

This pocket television hit the Japanese market in 1982. It was refined, and introduced in the U.S. in 1984.

Sony made more than 65 different Watchman models, before the Watchman was discontinued  in 2000.

Thanks to the government-mandated switch over from analog to digital television on June 12, 2009...

...the Sony Watchman models lost their...usefulness.

"LIVE" TV. (Craig Allen photo).

This "snow" is all you can receive...ALL channels!


Sporting a late 1980's original sticker price of around $180, I just found a Watchman identical to the one I have, the 1989 FD-10A, for $30 on eBay.

Just in case you would like a piece of technological...history...as a paperweight.

"Nothing to see here." (Craig Allen photo).

Hmmm...this looks...familiar...

"Poltergeist" on ancient technology...Laser Video Disc! (Craig Allen photo).

Call it "snow," call it a "ghost image."

The smallest TV screen of them all won't make it into the New Jersey 101.5 studio.

And now you know why.