There's literally a reality show for everything now. Some TV channels have deserted a majority of their original programming to switch to the reality format. The funny part about this is that it almost always works. Elimination shows like Survivor, American Idol and The Bachelor work because it keeps the viewer interested in who is going to stay or go. Show like Jersey Shore and Real World on MTV get huge ratings as well because all of the cast members, carefully selected, are complete train-wrecks. Reality TV works, no matter what way you slice it.

Now imagine a reality show that takes you through the everyday life of Patricia Krentcil, the Tanning Mom from Nutley. Keep in mind this is not actually happening, but imagine if it was. It could be some of the most compelling television of all time. Her life is fascinating. You could even turn it into a game show of sorts. Have Patricia travel to tanning salons all around the country and see which tanning salons accept her.

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