Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil calls a ban on her tanning in dozens of Nutley-area salons "stupid."

The chains tell the New York Post that the attention given to Krentcil's deep bronze complexion in the national media has given salons a bad reputation and they want no part of helping her. "

We don’t tan people like that,” said manager Nicole Simon of Body Works in Garfield. “Our customers never look like that.”

Upon hearing of the ban yesterday in which her face was featured on Wanted-like posters,  Krentcil told the Post, “Somebody put a picture in the windows of me? My attorney will find out,” she barked. “It’s stupid."

James Oliver, owner of Beach Bum Tanning — who ordered the ban in all his 53 metropolitan-area stores — said, “absolutely, we would not allow her to tan. It’s very hard for these people who have these compulsive addictions to stop on their own,” Oliver added. “You really have to step in and say, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this.’ ”

The store Krentcil is accused of bringing her daughter, City Tropics Tanning Salon, has not banned her but advised her to "lay low" since the media attention started.  “Since then, I think she might be using that lotion stuff that body builders use,” said the manager, who identified himself only as Anthony. “It makes them look like tree bark.”