Justin Hare, the man behind the controls every morning on the Jim Gearhart show, was in control of a whole different situation this past weekend when he played the role of a hero and a Good Samaritan.

Double Down / NJ1015 Townsquare Media

Justin was driving home on Sunday and was in Cranbury, NJ when he noticed in his rear view mirror a car driving erratically. After swerving from left to right, the car went up an embankment, flipped in the air and landed on the roof.

Justin stopped, got out of his car and went up to the accident scene, thinking the driver was critically injured or possibly even dead, from the severity of the accident. Fortunately the driver was conscious and could speak to Justin.

The driver's side of the car was crushed and with not much room between the injured driver and the roof, Justin has to climb in through the passenger side to help pull the injured driver to safety.

The only information Justin got from speaking with victim was that the driver fell asleep at the wheel and that the driver's name was Walter. After calling 2 police departments, Justin unfortunately could not get any further information on Walter's condition.

You can listen to Justin tell the story in his own words in the audio player below: