There is no medal for bravery that could possibly be good enough to posthumously award a 6 year old Camden boy who fearlessly gave his life trying to save his sister from sexual assault

The boy who’s name is being withheld because of the incident should, when the time comes, be remembered for his bravery. Perhaps a plaque, a day, something involving Governor Christie, whatever we do in New Jersey to honor the brave. Hell, I’d name a street after him.


One way to honor his memory would be to bring his killer to justice. Another would be to get the drug that caused his death, something called “wet” which is marijuana laced with PCP that causes hallucinations and aggressive behavior off the street.


This is the same drug that was smoked by a Camden woman who after being awarded custody of her child after losing him because of PCP, decapitated him then killed herself. Preliminary reports found that Chevonne Thomas had PCP in her system and police believe she also smoked “wet.”


When you have children, you know the two things they trust the most is their mom and their home. These children’s trust was violated in the most egregious way. The place they went for security and protection was the place that cost them their lives.


If this were a movie, there would be a meeting between the drug dealers and the police and an agreement would be made not to sell the stuff which apparently goes for $10 dollars a vial. After which, they would go back to their adversarial roles. But unfortunately, this is real life and all we can do is remember. This one’s going to be hard to forget.