Dave Robinson, an NFL Hall of Famer who played 10 years for the Packers and Redskins, is a New Jersey native. We caught up with Robinson today and discussed his Jersey roots and asked him some questions only a NJ native could answer. 

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Robinson discussed his days growing in South Jersey "I worked in the fields on the farm, I was a farm kid. South Jersey had the greatest peaches, tomatoes and corn. That's why Jersey is called the Garden State now because of the farms in South Jersey."

When talking about the people from Jersey, Robinson had nothing but glowing comments for New Jersey residents. "The people are tremendous. They're smart, they're level-headed."

I posed a hot-button topic that is widely-discussed, both on our show and by the station as as a whole to Robinson. I asked the Hall of Famer about where he thinks the dividing line is between North and South Jersey is.  "It starts to change when you get to Trenton. My wife was born in Trenton, so I'm not going to say anything bad about Trenton. I call Trenton the dividing line."

Listen to the audio of the entire interview below.
Listen to Dave Robinson talk football in the 1st part of our interview

Dave Robinson talks New Jersey