This story is one part of an ongoing series where NJ101.5 news reporter and anchorwoman Kelly Waldron chronicles her experiences after being diagnosed with Endometriosis. Follow “Kelly’s Journey.”

It’s now been three weeks since my partial hysterectomy and I’m coming along as well as can be expected.  I’m still a bit swollen, but I’m starting to get around a little faster.  I haven’t been cleared for my normal exercise routine just yet, but I am allowed to do some walking.  I am still not quite comfortable in anything that fits tightly around my waist, but I’m expecting that to improve as the weeks go on as well.


The incisions are beginning to heal pretty nicely on the outside.  I just have some tightness on the inside, but that too is coming along.  At this point, I’m waiting for the doctor to clear me to return to work and to start with some light exercise so I can work my way back into my regular routine.


I am expected to be cleared for both on June 4 which is the day I plan to return to NJ 101.5.  I may feel like I hit the lottery that day!


I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated all of your comments, your stories and your thoughts along the way.  They have helped me tremendously and have given me strength to get through what started as a very personal struggle for me.

Once I decided to share it and heard your kind thoughts and words, I quickly realized that it wasn’t so personal.  So many of you were having very similar issues and experiences which you were kind enough to share with me.

I hope that, in some way, I’ve been able to help you the way you have helped me.  If there is one thing I can say, I don’t regret one minute of having this surgery done.  It was the right decision for me and now I’m looking forward to putting it all behind me and living my life without worrying about what kind of pain I’m going to have on a monthly basis.


At this point, I think this particular journey is nearing an end in terms of blogging about it as there really isn’t much more I can say.  Please feel free to continue sharing your stories with me.  If there’s anything I can do to help, I’m happy to.  I look forward to returning to the air, sharing new stories and continuing to be a part of your daily lives.  Thank you again for all of your support along the way.