This story is one part of an ongoing series where NJ101.5 news reporter and anchorwoman Kelly Waldron chronicles her experiences after being diagnosed with Endometriosis. Follow “Kelly’s Journey.”

So, I'm only five days away from my surgery.  Starting today, I can't have any ibuprofen until after the procedure.  You can't have it five days before because it thins the blood.  I'll have to do everything I can to help avoid getting a headache.  It would have been so much easier on my mind had the doctors given me their diagnosis and suggestions and sent me to the hospital for the procedure right then and there.  Waiting a month has not been good for me.  It's allowed my mind to wander and it's allowed me to over think.

I've had more time to consider what could possibly go wrong.  I've had time to read every imaginable article on the internet.  I've been able to research the procedure, the medications and the multiple stories of how people felt afterwards, what their experience was and the pain they went through during recovery.  I've had time to go through all the "what-ifs" in my head.  I've had time to remember what it felt like coming out of anesthesia after my last procedure three years ago.  I've had time to picture that over and over again in my mind.  Most of all, I've had time to get more nervous.

At the same time,  I've been able to reason with myself and to reassure myself that this is a common procedure these days.  I've had time to take deep breaths and to calm down.  I've had time to prepare for my time off and to talk to my kids about what's going on so they aren't worried.  Most of all, I've had time to count my blessings and to see just how many special people I have in my life who have been there with me every step of the way offering their stories, their support, their encouragement and their love and for that, I am truly grateful.  Thank you.