Some of us have great hobbies, like skydiving, hiking, traveling the world. Then there's me. One of my dumb hobbies is coming up with band names. The truly sad thing about this is it's never for any actual band. I have no musical ability whatsoever, cannot sing to save my life, and will never be in any sort of band. Yet when I think of something quirky, my mind pounces on it and I tell myself, "That would be the perfect name for my band!" (which I will never have)

I thought of a new one just this week. My wife and I were talking about how one of the nurses at St. Peter's talked about how the babies in the nursery were "singing like little Pavarottis", her term for crying their heads off. My wife then mispronounced Pavarotti as Pavarozzi, which then made me think of paparazzi. And BAM!

Pavarotti Paparazzi was born. Dibs! Don't even think about using it! Maybe I'll get some musical talent in my next life!

So I give you my all time Top 10 fantasy band names

10. Pavarotti Paparazzi
9. Engrave Robbers
8. Answer C
7. Glory Pole
6. The Stealth Fighters
5. Doctor Dawg
4. Cats On Wax
2. Horton Shears A Who
1. Pet Strange Dogs

Yes, I'm sure you can come up with better than these. But if not, and you're ever stuck for a band name, the internet has tons of band name generators. Here's just one. This bad boy gave me Barefoot Diary, Fabulous Bodybags, Kiss Boy, Abracadaver Surf, and Elastic Midgets.

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