Well I thought yesterday we would have a shot at reaching 90 degrees, and while we came close, it didn't happen.  However, it did reach 89 degrees at Atlantic City International Airport and 88 degrees at Newark Liberty International Airport.  It was also just about as warm along the beach with a slight wind.

It will be much cooler on Wednesday with temperatures in the 60s, although it may briefly reach the low 70s in South Jersey for a time before falling back in the afternoon.

More importantly there should be some passing showers around as well.  Any early evening showers should taper off and then still cloudy and cool overnight.

On Thursday morning, some lows will be in the 50s with leftover clouds. As the day moves forward, it will be sunny with highs in the 60s.

Clouds and sunshine Friday with the chance of an afternoon or evening shower.  Friday's highs should be in the lower 70s, but cooler near the ocean.

Finally, the weekend looks fine from here.