It reached 85 in Wrightstown and 86 in Mount Holly yesterday, but it was in the low 80s elsewhere.

Today, we'll try 88 to 92 on for size with conditions hot and more humid.  There will be some relief. It'll be cooler at the beaches.

The water is anywhere from 65 to around 70.

Warm and humid for the night ahead with statewide lows from 64 to 74.

Some sunshine, hot and humid again for Wednesday, but there's the chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm. Highs tomorrow will be near 95.  There may be a west-northwest breeze holding off any sea breezes at the beaches.

Partly cloudy and still on the humid side Thursday, although the humidity levels could be dropping. There's still the chance of a shower storm, especially during the first part of the day.  Thursday's highs will be in the low 90s.

There will be a bit more relief as we head into Friday and the upcoming weekend.