This always comes off as preachy, but I need to say it. Please remember what Memorial Day is about. We can still enjoy a long weekend, time with family and friends, trips to the shore, and cookouts. In the mix, please try to remember what Memorial Day is really for. Unlike Veteran's Day which is to honor all men and women who served our country, Memorial Day is specifically set aside to remember those who died while serving. Those who paid the ultimate price.

I know it sounds like a cliche. But there are real people behind this cliche. People who were much more than the soldier on a field. They were husbands, and wives, sons and daughters, and real people. People who had passions beyond just love of country. As individual as the rest of us.

Several years ago on an anniversary of D-Day I wrote a piece in which I mentioned my grandmother's cousin Keith Jeffries who died in Pearl Harbor along with several other family members who saw horrible things in war. You can read that old story here.

Thinking about Keith today as we get ready to head into another Memorial Day weekend, I looked up his name and came across more information about him. It has his enlistment date, the day he began serving aboard the USS Arizona, and other information including his picture. You can see what the face of sacrifice looks like and read more about him by clicking here.

Keith was only 23 years old. Of course I never knew him. Yet I think about him every Memorial Day. The nation seems to be in a state of division at present. But I have faith it is still the greatest nation on earth. Everything we have was paid for by the blood of others. Please think about them this weekend.

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