The Greg Kihn Band was started by frontman Greg Kihn and bassist Steve Wright. And while the lineup has changed over the years, the band still tours today!

Greg Kihn began his musical career in Baltimore. He started writing songs and playing in the local coffee houses while in high school. At the age of 17, Kihn's mom entered one of his original songs in a talent contest sponsored by one of the local top-40 radio stations! Gerg Kihn won...and was awarded a typewriter, a stack of records, and a Vox electric guitar.

Kihn moved to Berkeley, California in 1972.  He took a job painting houses to pay the bills, while singing in the streets, and working behind the counter at a record store.

In 1973, Kihn was signed to Beserkley Records, and helped mold the company's overall sound: mellow pop, with a 1960s s0und. His recorded deubut occurred on a compilation album.

In the Bicentennial year (1976), Kihn recorded his first album with his own band, The Greg Kihn Band, made up of: Ronnie Dunbar (guitar), Steve Wright (bass), and Larry Lynch (drums).  The band's lineup would chang several times over the years to come...

Through the rest of the 1970s, the band would release an album each year, and built a following through constant touring.

In 1981, Kihn grabbed his first chart hit (#15/1981), and one of Jersey's Favorite Hits, with "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em). "Happy Man" (#62) and "Every Love Song" (#82) followed in 1982.

Kihn's music had a more commercial sound through the 1980s, with the pun-titled albums: Rockihnroll (1981), Kihntinued (1982), Kihnspiracy (1983), Kihntageous (1984) and Citizen Kihn (1985).

Kihn had his biggest hit with "Jeopardy," (#2/1983). The video was an MTV favorite, one of the first "concept" videos, with its "Night Of The Living Dead" theme!

Weird Al Yankovic spoofed Kihn's biggets hit, with "I Lost On Jeopardy." Enjoy Greg Kihn's cameo in Weird Al's video!!

Followup releases included: "Love Never Fails" (#59/1983), "Lucky" (#30/1985), and "Love And Rock And Roll" (#92/1986).

Kihn continued to tour throughout the 1980s, opening arena-size shows for Journey, The Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones, among others. He also appeared on TV shows of the time, including Solid Gold, American Bandstand, and Saturday Night Live.

Greg Kihn returned to Baltimore to record a pair of solo, accoustic albums: "Mutiny" (1994), and "Horror Show" in 1996.

The Greg Kihn Band continues to play today, with a lineup that includes Greg's son, Ry Kihn, on lead guitar!

Greg Kihn was inducted into the San Jose (California) Rock Hall Of Fame in 2007.

Greg Kihn, now! (Greg Kihn official facebook page photo)

Within the past few weeks, Kihn left the San Francisco radio airwaves after years of waking up at 4am to do a morning show. He is going through radio his thoughts on this subject and more on his official site! Click HERE!

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The Greg Kihn song of 1989 (Craig Allen photo)