After our discussion yesterday concerning the morbidly obese Pennsylvania woman who was complaining that Southwest Airlines employees were not 'sensitive' enough when telling her she'd have to purchase a second seat, this story caught my eye.  Would a second seat even work for this guy?  "I'm sorry sir, policy dictates you'll have to by the entire row."

He's finally trying to change it, and we wish him luck because experts say he'll be dead if he's not successful.  They don't even keep statistics on how many people's waist circumference exceeds their height for the fact that it's so incredibly rare.  And from a cardiovascular standpoint the worst place to store fat is in your middle.  Yet the poor guy, while admitting he has this problem and speaks of how he longs to wear fashionable clothing and find a girlfriend, talks just as much about the sugar filled foods he loves.  Chocolate, cakes, pies, a gallon a day of coca-cola.  7,000 calories a day.  He does point out however that he's not a smoker.  Because you know, that wouldn't be healthy.