A woman from West Chester, PA is complaining about Southwest Airlines treatment of her when they told her she would have to purchase a second seat because of her size. You can judge for yourself by taking a look at this article/video. Look, I'm fat too, but I fit in my seat. If I didn't, I wouldn't WAIT to be told the obvious at a ticket counter. I wouldn't fly unless I could buy a second seat. It isn't fair to anyone. And if I saw this woman coming down the aisle, eyes darting back and forth to the row numbers, I'd surely have that "Please God, no" experience going through my head. This woman is enormous. A passenger in the seat next to her would clearly have the flight from Hell.

She chose to not pay the extra $400 and didn't even take the flight. It seems to be more the lack of sensitivity though that is her beef with Southwest Airlines. (Did someone say beef?) Says she feels they should have whispered quietly, taken her aside, talked more in private. Lady, look at yourself. Do you think your morbid obesity is a well guarded secret? Do you think no one noticed before this incident? Do you think forcing a lengthy ticket counter process to become even longer so that they can deal with you more privately is any more fair to other passengers than allowing you to spill your girth onto someone else for their entire flight?

Yes airline seats have gotten ridiculous. The average airline seat according to my research is 17.2 inches wide. Also having gotten ridiculous though is American oversensitivity. Southwest did nothing wrong. Check out the video below.